Stubborn Project 2011
The biggest killer of all times, ignorance still persists. I call ignorance “not-knowing” and it has caused the death of millions and wiped out civilizations since time immemorial.

“Not-knowing” is at the core of any individual problem as well. Ignorance or “not-knowing” causes big pain in people's lives. The implications of “not-knowing” are always devastating and result in all sorts of loss; tangible or intangible.

I believe that “knowledge is your currency and understanding is power”. And if you can act on your understanding then that is equal to designing a roadmap out of “not-knowing”.

The mission of my recent charity project was to mobilize resources, as much as I can, to help get rid of this big killer.

A private exhibition took place on November 3, 2011 at the Athénée Gallery in Geneva, Switzerland to support this cause (http://www.edm.ch).

Watch the short documentary which was created for the Stubborn exhibition by Pwn You Productions:

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