Ali Kursun is a Geneva based visual artist. He is a self-taught artist and his painting is purely intuitive. He began to create his first paintings in dry pastel which a canvas was uniformly covered with earth colours.

His work has received attention rapidly in a career that spans twelve years of creative practice. He uses a variety of unorthodox methods to produce paintings and photographs. His work is deliberately experimental.

Out of his immersion in different cultures and people, his art manages to retain its quintessence: the human senses. Kursun is a story-teller, a futurist, and a thoughtful enquirer into the conditions of life. His inquiry into the human knowledge is seminal to his personal motivation.

"In essence, art is the unspoken language of feelings. It is about perceptual worlds and senses. You either feel a piece of artwork or you don't. Art is intuitive. It is a universal system of communication." he says.

Ali Kursun lives and creates in Geneva, Switzerland. He can be reached at

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