Artist Statement

My work focuses on the deep understanding of human sensing, the evolution of human knowledge on senses and the consequences this has on understanding each other. I always try to extract the profound understanding and the deep message of what people sense - the persistence of meaning, different perception of senses among people in capturing what really matters to them: their relationships with others, the world around them and the world within themselves.

I am interested in anything that has an implicit meaning or understanding among people and I think my obsession to eradicate ignorance from the surface of this planet was the main reason I started creating artworks.

All my subject matters are about exploring, finding and disseminating the meaning of senses in people's daily routines and an attempt to bring clarity on understanding each other.

All my works communicate through senses - it all developed and evolved over time. They attempt to convey a specific feeling instantly to the viewer.

Life is all about senses. At the end of the day, it is what we sense that matters. All forms of communication have the same purpose; to convey senses. Ignoring this key purpose or not understanding it has caused and is still causing enormous amount of unintended pain in people’s lives every day. Art can play a tremendous role in clarifying the true understanding of senses among people and therefore can be an extremely effective communication tool.

My interest in art forms is founded purely on this promise. It is the implicit expression that I seek in my artwork. It is all about attempting to establish an instant connection or intuitive understanding of the sense I want to convey through totality rather than just details.

The message needs to be fast and immediately felt; otherwise it does not serve its purpose.

I am also very intrigued by the concept of timelessness. For me the ultimate prize is timelessness. Anything can be timeless. An idea, a concept, a song, a book, a message, a dress, a painting, or a sculpture can all have the potential to be timeless on their own right. However, I also believe that timelessness is not only a matter of longevity. It is more than that. It is about freshness day in and day out, and progression that continues beyond time.

My influences are first and foremost everything I sense, think and experience.